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The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Leicestershire & Rutland Society of Architects was held at

De montfort University  on 8th May 2013 during which Malcolm A.Goodall of The Drawing Room (Architects) Ltd, was elected President,  his address is as follows;


Good Evening. I would like to start by thanking Tom Hart and his committee for all their work on behalf of the LRSA over the past few years. I would also like to thank the DeMontfort University-School of Architecture for their Hospitality in allowing the LRSA to hold its AGM here tonight.


Having been born and bred in Leicester and worked most of my life in the City, it is a great Honour for me to accept the position of President of LRSA. However, it is a shame a younger candidate is not forth coming. I considered that with Tom the batten had been past to a younger generation in their 20 / 30’s and it feels like a retrograde step for somebody in their 50 / 60’s to be taking over again. However, I will do my very best to encourage younger members and students to participate in the work of the Society.


The RIBA was established in 1834 and not long afterwards in 1872 the Leicester and Leicestershire Society of Architects was founded. (Over 140 years ago.) By my calculations I will be the 71st president of the Society and I am humbled at succeeding in such a long and illustrious line of Past Presidents (Some of which are here tonight.) In my opinion the continuity of LRSA is very important given its serious and well established history.


At its inception in 1872 the Society had clear objectives:-

It formulated a Scale of Fees.

It established Tendering Procedures.

It devised Arbitration Procedures.

It organised Excursions to Interesting Buildings.

It published comprehensive ‘critics’ of Buildings, and even Held Student Competitions throughout the year.

The Leicester College of Art wasn’t established until 1897 and an Architecture course was not Ratified and Accredited until 1927, therefore The LRSA forbears’ devised their own ways of ensuring Academic

Achievement and Professional Integrity. They also knew and understood the importance of Continuation of Study (CPD) having Codes of Professional Conduct, establishing Personal acquaintances, attending Lectures and holding Discussions about Architecture. Today’s LRSA must seek to continue that important legacy.


Both RIBA and LRSA have always been comprised of professional people with the expressed aim of seeking to promote ‘Architecture’ However, most of us are likely to have become members of these Professional Bodies in order to seek ‘Succour’ via mutual Acquaintance and Assistance. Like our

LRSA forebears of over 140 years ago, we need to secure our own positions and raise the profile of ‘Architects’ before we can confidently promote ‘Architecture.’


So far, I have been Looking ‘Backwards’ at the LRSA’s past, but it is time for the LRSA to move ‘forwards.’ I hope you will offer support in that Task. I originally got involved in RIBA matters through being a member of the LRSA’s Sole Practitioners Group, which, when I first started, in Business, on my own, offered me guidance and support, plus it helped me realise that being professionals together enables us all to prosper.


I would like to pay special tribute tonight to David Gibson for all the work he and his Practise and Education committee have undertaken over the years. He has fostered important ‘Alliances’ between LRSA and the School of Architecture. Long may the Links he has forged between Practise and Education thrive.

As some of you might be aware I am proud of being a former student of Leicester Polytechnic, (Leicester De-Montfort University). In fact I was the same year as past president Kanti Chapi. I recall at Kanti’s President Acceptance Address he wished to become the ‘Superglue’ which would hold the LRSA together as a Cohesive society. My analogy is ‘building related’ in that I wish to become the ‘Mortar’ that holds all the individual bricks together


Please help me to ‘Rebuild the Society.’ Please help the LRSA to survive for another 140 years.


Thank  you


Malcolm A.Goodall

LRSA President,





Friday 21st February 2014, the Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects held a very successful one day design competition for the students at Leicester’s School of Architecture based at De Montfort University.

The students were asked to design a replacement spire for the mediaeval church of St Mary de Castro, which is located adjacent to the University.

The spire is currently surrounded in scaffolding and is being dismantled as it has been declared a dangerous structure. It is not known if, when or how the spire will eventually be replaced, but the students were encouraged to propose imaginative and innovative solutions.

Monetary Prizes were awarded by the Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects, the Royal Institute of British Architects (East Midlands Region) and De Montfort University.

The prizes were presented by Malcolm Goodall, President of the Society and Professor Raymond Quek, Head of the School of Architecture, in the presence of the Archdeacon of Leicester, the Venerable Dr. Tim Stratford, and the Leicester Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby.

Malcolm Goodall congratulated the efforts made by the students during the one day available and quality of ideas displayed. Raymond Quek reminded the students that this competition replicated the competitive world they will enter where they will need to respond quickly to the needs of their clients. Dr. Tim Stratford thought the winning designs reflected the history of Leicester and the retained ecclesiastical reasons for a spire. Sir Peter Soulsby was proud of the 2000 years of architectural heritage in Leicester and hoped that some of the students would remain in Leicester when qualified as architects to add to the quality of the city’s architecture in the 21st Century.

Members of St Mary de Castro were also present and showed much interest in the designs displayed. It is intended that the designs will be exhibited in the church itself once it reopens after the building and surroundings in Castle Yard have been made safe.



L-R: Malcolm Goodall, Dr. Tim Stratford, Raymond Quek, Laura Jones, Sir Peter Soulsby




The winning design by James Edwards, Douglas Sibley and Sam Harvey


The other winning design by Andrew Evans, Bradley Lowe, Bilal Hashmi, Kieran Blanch and Luke Robinson.